Burn | Motorcycle


Client: Americade

Venue: The Foundry at Summit Lodge, Killington, VT

Year: 2014


This piece was a sacrifice to the motorcycle gods at Killington's annual motorcycle rally. The 8ft tall wooden motorcycle even featured a true "burnout" effect with sparks emerging from the rear wheel in a beautiful array of motion.

Special Features:

Details, details, details. The engine block was hollow, both the front and rear fenders were hinged for the addition of pyrotechnics, the license plate letters were sandblasted into stained wood (rather than painted--a true quality touch), and even had a sprocket and metal chain. Each wheel had over 30 spokes.

Building the Structure

This sculpture was the first inanimate burn that Chris built. He used one sketch and combined a number of different bike images together to create this custom ride. This piece was built to be manageable, as would be transported a couple of hours to it's destination. The finished structure was able to come apart into 4 pieces, just by manipulating two screws. 

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