Burn | Father Time 2.0


Client: Alchemy 

Venue: Cherokee Farms, Lafayette, GA

Year: 2014


A minimal display of novelty effects. Cannon fuse relayed from the ignition point to the end of the hand, whereby it reached the clock, resulting in a small shower of sparkles.

Special Features:

15.5 ft tall with unsurpassed realism and best detail to date.  This piece was the first one to travel south of the Mason Dixon Line. First designed in 2011, this will be the second rendition of Father Time and Chris has evolved the design and pyrotechnics. Being a part of the 2009 Time Cycle on the Playa at Burning Man, a team of Vermonters who built a driving ferris wheel, was a memory that began to shape his art.  They had assembled it on site and then proudly watched it move around the playa with a parade of performers.  He wants to bring that same smile to the burners of Alchemy 2014. 

Building the Structure

Father Time 2.0 was based on the original Father Time created back in 2011. The theme at Alchemy was "Tabula Rasa" (Blank Slate), so we decided to start back at the beginning. This was Chris' Blank Slate to record an ever progressing design of these burning art forms.


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